Tibetan buddhism and other fronts/2012/06/27/2949/

Tibetan buddhism and other fronts

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/06/27/nicholas-vreeland-dalai-lama_n_1628517.html?utm_hp_ref=religion: Dalai Lama Taps Nicholas Vreeland, American Buddhist, To Bridge East And West At Rato Monastery In Southern India
Is this just a superficial concession?

I have long suspected the Tibetan system is a total waste of time for most Westerners (and probably most Tibetans). It is atroubling question, this closed world of Tibetan buddhism. It is a huge trap and a dead end, I suspect.
And it tends to dominate the whole field. The Dalai Lama never once acknowledged the existence of the living buddha Rajneesh, and never visited his ashram, a very telling bit of behavior.
The whole of Tibetan Buddhism seems to be a front for unseen ghostly lamas unknown even to the Dalai Lamas. They are obscurely associated with a fascist/nazi trend, beyond the grasp of most Tibetans, but probably contacted by Gurdjieff.
I think that the whole of Tibetan buddhism is a fake front, for what is not clear.
I can’t offer advice here, but for myself have absolutely no plans to go anywhere near Tibetan Buddhism.

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