Abjuring sufism…/2013/08/06/abjuring-sufism/

Abjuring sufism…

The charge of being a covert agent requires proof, but points to a sad disaster if it is true and we can’t prove it.
Interesting comment, but I can’t support it, although I won’t delete it.

My intent here is more than Gold: I am moving beyond sufism. In fact I did that years ag0, but I have never quite declared this. Sufis are dangerous, especially the ones you have not and will not ever meet.
I had a fifteen minute contact with a sufi forty years agp (Gold doesnt’ count), and yet forty years later the invisible sufi syndrome is still a problem.

I think sufism is almost malevolent in its overall effect. It may be me: lack of god-mania (with false suspicions of atheism) in secular students of sufism is risky, mon vieu. Isn’t it fun for occult sufi nihilists to torture atheists. Good fun, all for god.
The list goes one.
Simply abjure the sufi path, not the least because no definition has been given of what it is.
To subject an enthusiastic beginner to an experiment in the ‘theives of baraka’ torment is a form of sadism so refined it can only come from spiritual degenerates.

I discussed this book here before, and reviewed it at Amazon. I did not realize he is an archconservative. So part of the problem is the hatred of liberals by reactionary sufis (who once again show preference for jews who will do their bidding): http://www.amazon.com/Other-Islam-Sufism-Global-Harmony/dp/B00394DKOC/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1375802403&sr=1-1&keywords=schwartz+sufism

So stay away from sufism. It isn’t worth it. Everything needed can be found in the ‘greater buddhoid’ legacy, a queer term to make the point that you could have as many problems with buddhism as with sufism.

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