AIT critics, again…

AIT critics, again…(traces of extra-indic genetic factors exist in fairly narrow bands of modern indians if you care to research the literature current: don’t get bamboozled by the OIT idiots)

May be time to look at the Aryan Invasion question all over again. The links based on a search string provide a lot of material. A new dogma is emerging on the question, that the Aryan invasion theory is false, now supposedly with DNA evidence.

The question tends to be incoherent on all sides. Much of the argument is over the atrocious colonial brand of the theory, and many other tag-along fallacies that accompany the theory. I can’t see much future in the Out of India theory, which is still another brand of chauvinism in disguise.

We had an extensive series of links by an Indian critic of the OIT here, and I will replay them soon.
But I will reiterate the one bit of hard evidence that the critics of AIT can’t explain away: the parallel case of the Aryan invasions of Greece in about the same time frame as the supposed Aryan entry in India. So many other things attach to this that are prejudicial that it is not surprising that many gag on it. But the reality may be quite different, and not the paranoid nightmare made out of it. The DNA evidence is not particularly convincing, to me.

In any case, the entry of Indo-Europeans tribes into Greece in the second millenium BCE is clearly documented, and it is almost impossible to consider an OIT migration out of India to reach Greece, in the relevant time-frames, and given the clear parallel match of Vedic Sanskrit and Homeric (and Myceanean) Greek. None of the people who discuss this question can grapple with this dataset. It makes life difficult for critics of the AIT.

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