Aleister Crowley and the dreadful endgame of Western spirituality and religion/2013/07/31/aleister-crowley-and-the-dread-endgame-of-western-spirituality-and-religion/

Aleister Crowley and the dreadful endgame of Western spirituality and religion

Still another non-descript gold encounter:
It is useful because you can get the gist of all that without coming to the attention of Gold, or the sufi ghost-gangsters he represents. He is a hamburger bell hop for those hidden sufis who need outer figures to stage their meals made of ‘disciples’. Gold is a penny ante player, as was Gurdjieff.
It is always the same game: people meet gold, enthuse, get their hopes of for something, a spiritual erection, and then pass on, and then the ripoff, off the premises. Nothing accomplished, vampire fed.

Gold is just a player in a game that has surfaced since Aleister Crowley. Its roots in the Western occult tradition are not easily traced. It creates Machiavellian psychopaths who try to control the legacies of spirituality by occult methods. Such things were exposed and driven out of Christianity, but seem to have had viability in Islamic-sufi circles, and this business is going to destroy exoteric Christianity and its protections of simple and innocent people who have no self-defense against these vultures.
People gungho Crowley a lot, but he has done a lot of damage. ditto for Gurdjieff, but he was more clever at concealing what he was up to.
don’t be tempted by Crowley. DON’T do anything stupid using his works, like the various satanic rituals. You can read his works in neutral gear, and discipline yourself to not ‘exert you will’ or intent in this occult realm. Then walk away humble enough to realize you were not gifted with occult powers, and very lucky for that reason.

The problem here is that mistrust, disinformation, and paranoia are starting to invade and destroy exoteric religion, and they will collapse in confusion because noone can tell the difference between the Gurdjieffs, and the Jesus Christ(s).

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