Anirvan defects/2014/04/17/anirvan-defects/

Anirvan defects

The sidebar has a link to an Anirvan review:

I am getting a lot of noise/messaging to the effect that Anirvan the self-styled supergroupie of Gurdjieff is repenting of his disciple’s awe, if not fawning, and wishes to move away from the Gurdjieff zone. That can be a perilous passage, but determination will do it. We need a clear expose of Anirvan’s book, To Live Within, and its excessive kowtow to the memory of Gurdjieff, and his confused equation of the realm of the Indian guru and his ashram with the quite different world of Gurdjieff who is not an Indian guru, although people repeatedly confuse this point. Many of the statements by Anirvan apply only to his experience with an Indian guru, and not to the quite different semi-sufistic world of Gurdjieff.

So one more of the authors induced to Gurdjieff propaganda is beginning to slip. Perhaps soon John Shirley will get the point, and maybe soon even that hopeless case Patterson, the author of still another Gurdjieff paean, now out at Amazon. I will review it at some point.

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