Another expose of gold…/2013/07/31/another-expose-of-gold/

Another expose of gold…
Another poignant, and incoherent, attempt to decipher Gold.
Don’t bother to decipher him. He has almost nothing to say, and can’t even handle subjects he copies, as from Ospensky.

The danger with Gold is the sufi occult hypnotic power, I wont go into detail. You don’t have to have met him to be at risk. But he has mindfucked a large number of his disciples, to break down long after departing from his gang space. You can do deadly damange to people that way, and noone will find out, until years later people like me find him out and try to speak out. The Internet has made that possible: note Gold’s horror online as he realized ca. 2000 or before he would be exposed thus. It is a deadly and unfair gift of the demonic to those who use fast talking to ape enlightenement.
It is nothing of the kind. Same for Gurdjieff: he made one nervous reference to enlightenment to Ouspensky in a flood of bullshit about states of consciousness.
There is a lower level of attainment called ‘self-consciousness’, blah blah: it is about the level of self-remembering for hours at a time. It blows peoplesl minds, and then they discover its occult aspect, and then start playing guru. It is a big zero, and a good path to becomeing a devil.

Abandon all of it and start over on a ‘clean’ path. If you can find one.
to see the trick look at stand up commedians: the ‘spiritual’ stream of consciousness is a gift to ordinary men of talent, but that can be used to mimic higher consciousness.

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