Dalai Lama Says He Would Support A Woman Successor/2013/04/25/dalai-lama-says-he-would-support-a-woman-successor/

Dalai Lama Says He Would Support A Woman Successor


That is a great idea, in one way. But one should also suggest caution here: don’t try to take over a sinking ship, the honor is not even symbolic. Further, if the motive is ‘women’s lib urgency’ it is the wrong motive, which should be to advance buddhism. Next, women need to find out if they can reach enlightenment. Mahayana is the wrong vehicle (I have a suspicion they might be superior to men here, given the context, we have a very vague reference to a woman teertanker in the tradition of Jain gurus leading up to Mahavir). I think there have been dozens of female buddhas we don’t know about. Patriarchal religion was an artifact of the Axial Age, and is misleading. It may have been in part a reaction to the decay of Neolithic matriarchy. And Tibetan buddhism has a huge dirty secret, I suspect, why preside over the cover story for that.

I am not sure I understand this issue, as did Rajneesh who virtually gave away his ashram to women, making it hard for men, but his motive wasn’t the same as that of the women’s lib movement. His reasons were intrinsic to the issues of religion, tantra, and the rest of it….

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