Dalai Lama the neo-con?/2014/02/26/dalai-lama-the-neo-con/

Dalai Lama the neo-con?

The Dalai Lama visiting a conservative think tank. The Dalai Lama is sneaky and I can’t always be sure where he is coming from, but it is clear he wouldn’t visit a leftist group in the US. Of course he has interacted with communists in China and called himself a communist, or socialist.
Maybe he excuses his actions here as a sort of non-dual feat of buddhist brilliance.

This is probably confirmation of my long suspicions as to Tibetan Buddhism, and beyond that to the now inscrutable history of the origins of fascism. Since I can’t quite make the case, the question is hopeless. He should know better than to mouth idiocy about ‘moral markets’.
There is no reason for the Dalai Lama to do this kind of thing, and he is making a lot of trouble for the liberal center of gravity of his buddhist congregation of westerners, mostly liberal-minded people.
If you are such a buddhist, EXIT Tibetan buddhism right away. Leave quietly without fuss and don’t look back, with no regrets. The ‘heil hitler’ ‘absolute obedience test’ is just down the road. But here, they will sucker you into a second rebirth and then apply the test.

You may grasp why I am writing LFM, Last and First Men: people need some reminder that the conservatizing slide of religious groups is an existential, not a spiritual phenomenon. It is not the case, and the repeated implication, as here, is completely false.

This will be called unfair, but anyone with any sense at the top of a buddhist org with thousands of liberal Americans can be doing this only from some bullshit profundity, of the type the Dalai Lama is fond out, moral markets and other drivel. A real buddhist would get thrown out waning this AEI capitalists of the danger they pose to the civilization. Sweet talk won’t do it.

Waling out on Tibetan Buddhism comes with no cost. The religion is fake, the meditation is fake, and pointless since you have vowed it thus, as a Mahayanist. And finally enlightenment has been renounced, and your only prospect is millions of lives twiddling your thumbs. It think of the story of the last two or Omega Point boddhissatwas,at the Omega Point, each trying to keep his vow by driving the other into enlightenment. But they deadlock and both fall into a black hole and enter a new cycle of cosmic evolution.

This is not nice. But it is not nice to turn unsuspecting persons into fascist robots behind a cute front of buddhist compassion.

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