Doctrine of the schlemiels

Doctrine of the schlemiels

We had a set of posts at Darwiniana on this: the point to be recast here (the world religion, the virtual church of the holy brick was a blessed non-starter) is that our critique of monotheistic religions last week, next to a plug for an Osho style spiritual movement fails to reckon with the intensive energy behind monotheism, despite its lack of any solid content.

The crux of the issue is the different ‘paths of being’, as in buddhism and the Indian paths of enlightenment, and the ‘paths of will’ that characterize the monotheistic religions. The problem is that man’s will is weak and vulnerable and cannot resolve itself in action without some kind of ‘higher power’. So the path of will is hardly that! The paths of the buddhist sort are the opposite, they work toward the negation of the will, in the path beyond manifestation. Nothing is that simple, and both paths assimilate a little bit of the other.
The point is that a larger spiritual context after the fashion of Indian yogas is confronted with the potency of the monotheistic religions.
we need a way to be able to reach a mediation point between the two…not so simple….

More on this later…

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