Don’t let EJ Gold turn you into an antisemite/2013/08/02/dont-let-ej-gold-turn-you-into-an-antisemite/

Don’t let EJ Gold turn you into an antisemite (Update 2019 beware, figures like gold are more than capable of doing this..why would a jew want to create antisemite? these days, fastest way anyone could think of to destroy someone)

Nothing we have said here about Gold is antisemitic, the thrust being first about Gurdjieff. But Gold is a dangerous viper and turning people into antisemites is not the least of his black magical options. Don’t react with anything antisemitic in trying to debrief/deprogram his brand of a (laughably so-called) sufi or fourth way teaching. Antisemitism was an ugly feature of ages of Christian domination. But in present culture Jews are often far more powerful than Christians: an antisemitic outburst (consider Mel Gibson) is now a funny joke in bad taste for Jews who mutter, next case, not without some justice.

In Gold’s case I had assumed that he was an impartial post-Jewish/Xtian neutral teacher. But over time I can see that was not true, as some have claimed long before. In fact, a strange bias entered his work: he spoke of ‘Jewish sufis’ and seemed to have a secret intent to create a chauvinistic jewish brand of sufism in which gentiles were exoteric outsiders, who got fake teachings, but paid the bills. Is that true? I think I spotted the hidden lineage transmission to hidden jews behind the fake nonsense he peddled to the public. Is this fair or true? In fact, who cares: the whole game is so trashy the only answer is, I am half-out the exit, and will be gone soon. Gold is too clever to catch, really. He performed the outer game of interdenominational Jewish/Xtian cooperation too carefully to be laid with that charge. But I think the danger in general is great: how are Judeo-Xtians to do sufism together? It won’t really work.
In general Jews and Xtians are too muddled to do a spiritual path, let alone one together. Jewish teachers no matter how hard they try tend to look down on Gentiles, and in too many cases a tacit sense of being in fact special in the sense of covenental Judaism takes hold, making the prospect of being a spiritual teacher hopeless. Xtians seem too often to be artificially dense, and strike such Jews as being dumb. It is a hopeless question. Jews tend to induce inferiority complex symptoms in gentiles, forget a spiritual teaching on that foundation. And something about Xtianity has made Xtians stupid: the fault must have passed through the Jewish legacy turning into Xtianity. Something went wrong, as Jews became implacable enemies of the outcome of their own tradition. What went wrong is obvious: three jewish founders of the new religion, and no real gentile input at the start, a botched operation. It is puzzling how it happened. The progression of Gentile geniuses in the early modern (or ancient greece) is almost unparalleled, but somehow the super-intelligent but barren jewish groups have taken control and make gentiles feel inferior. No spiritual work is possible from that. I think Moses and Jesus sitting in heaven must have repented of founding religions as they watched the unforeseen outcomes of their labors. Their fate according to Murphy’s Law is a heavenly penny dreadful. Really demonic messes.
Let’s forget spiritual paths for a moment and try to heal the history of the botched religion called Judeo-Xtianity, which separated at birth into two monster religions, Judaism and Xtianity (with an Axial Age Israelitism as a Canaanite theocratic cult being an historical source). (I would not equate the two, early Israelitism, and Judaism). No religion is possible in the perverted culture of Jews and Xtians. Xtianity at least was a religion open to all, confronted with a parallel outcome creating spiritual inequality. There must be a devil: as with Shias and Sunnis condemned to millennia of conflict, the division point of Jews and Xtians destroyed the whole game.
Let’s forget the past: we can drop the past and wait for a few more centuries for the Jewish/Xtian division to wane, disappear, in the healing of both parties.
Meanwhile, whatever the case, Gold’s school is a fake piece of nonsense, give it a wide berth. Meanwhile sufism is a lost cause.
But to call Gold and his Igor associates jewish chauvinists can’t be quite right. They seem more like the old Jewish Xtians who were very much in the legacy of the Jesus school. I think Gold has a strong Christ complex and unconsciously wishes crucifiction. His many aberrations probably violate ancient Roman and Jewish, if not modern, law, and we might easily mark him guilty as charged and get on with it.

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