Gladiator and a metaphor from a hidden gurdjieffian /2014/05/09/4548/

Gladiator and a metaphor from a hidden gurdjieffian

The question of gurus and surrender suddenly changes gear as we move into the realm of sufism and its very different context, and mystery. The reason I am so critical of Gurdjieff is that he represents a form of class warfare in disguise. People protest and point to his ‘brilliant’ work, all from having read Ouspensky who saw there was a problem. But Ouspensky barely knew the least of it.
In a funny way we have succeeded here, the ‘sufis’ et al are being blown out of the water and wish to make concessions, and in the process have exposed G for us, veiling themselves.

The problem here is like what the recent OWS movement pointed to: the 1% and the 99%. The gurus here, or sheiks, are the %1 trying to show the path to the 99%, and this isn’t a path at all, but a way to control cultural contexts. The point is obvious if you observe these people in action. The Gurdjieff form of the ‘master’ was worse by far than we realize and still echoes the wished for counterattack of the modern struggles for freedom, and the abolition of slavery. I protest Gurdjieff so much because he wishes to restore as the ‘new normal’ the psychological control and domination of an elite class against the many. Such people will block a path to enlightenment because it would liberate one of the people they control. But these people are just as exploited as the ‘troops’ like us at the bottom. So we should, since ‘demand’ for G’s work is strong, create a leftist version of the work that acknowledges the modern world, its freedoms, and the rest of it. I cannot grasp how Gurdjieff could not have seen that, a man who was so attracted to modern technology he tinkered with machines all the time. And Ouspensky was even worse with his stupidity on the caste system. The whole movement here was idiotic and self-defeating.
Here I have received a warning from some source in the ‘work’ or from sufi land: to the effect that my critiques are inevitable, because the ‘work’ is a dangerous symbolism.
To see the problem, to shock you down to your boots, in a form of shock treatment, consider the recent film Gladiator. And then consider the buddhist stages of cosmic life: the god realm, titanic realm, human, ghosts, demons, what is the exact list …? etc…
Gurdjieff is really speaking as a figure controlled by a hidden hierarchy, as he himself pointed out. He said he was very small. Probably the price of strong occult powers is control by such shadow figures.
These reactionaries in the new age movements reject modernity. So consider the Roman Empire. The 1% in that world enjoyed watching the slaves killed by gladiators. Go see the movie, it is close to the facts. They were the elite. How can that be? It was so. So we should be wary of elites.
The point here, from this source, is to displace this situation to the ‘cosmic 1%’, the god or titanic realm: the entities may not be enlightened and they may enjoy the ceremonial destruction of spiritual paths as demonic sport. How can that be? As Buddha warns there are stages of cosmic life, the enlightened path being quite unique, perhaps disengaging from the whole game.
So the 1% in the god realm, else the titanic could easily play theme and variations on human spiritual categories, transposed to a different octave, the vague categories of Gurdjieff being especially vulnerable. These categories are clear The will: the issues of surrender, of moving beyond ego, of realizing the will, are easily transformed into variations: the destruction of the will becomes a process translated from human to demonic forms via that surrender. The movie shows that way agents of the elite emerge in the empire’s slave markets to feed the steady supply of gladiatorial fodder.
In the same way Gurdjieff comes off as the agent to supply the food chain with eager beaver readers of Ouspensky. He himself hints at something like this, whatever his exact meaning. A la carte human sacrifice disguised as a spiritual path. This is the kind of world Buddha seems to hint at world in his horror over samsara and the first noble truth.
This is a tale told by a Gurdjieff source of some kind giving a warning. So our protests here are not so off the mark. The problem, of course, is that the whole game depends on Ouspensky, while Gurdjieff covered his tracks with his mumbo jumbo in Beelzebub’s Tales. That’s outrageously unfair to Ouspensky who suffers the karma for this venture as Gurdjieff escapes scott free.

Some things in the world are shitty, some really shitty. After that it gets a lot worse.
I should suspect this ‘tale’ is in part paranoid hallucination of the figure in question, whoever. But it is clear in the tales of Gautama that he struggled with such unseen powers, who resist the liberation of humans;

In any case, it is hard to expect much help for the 99% in the spiritual 1%. You are at best a ‘worker’ in the work, and maybe even a slave laborer.

I think they are going to forgive Ouspensky’s karma so he can fly back to planet earth and starting blogging against Gurdjieff.

Very funny. Nervous laughter, I assure you.

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