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Gurdjieff foundation on Secret Talks

All That Glitters…
Crazy Wisdom and Entrepreneurialism in the Spiritual Schools of E. J. Gold: is the info on ‘Secret Talks’ that I was looking for.
This is a reasonable discussion of Gold, but to bring in the ‘crazy wisdom’ excuse in the wake of the shoddy and pretentious procession of New Age instant junk peddled by Gold doesn’t wash. What of Crazy Wisdom after the students go crazy and have no further help from the sufi cocaine/spiritual cannibalism of these predestigators. Where do the victims go to complain. The New Age better be over at this point, as we help the human refuse left behind by figures such as Gold.

The fetish of ‘crazy wisdom’ teaching is beyond me at this point. I have been forced to live through and don’t find scholars like Feuerstein helpful in the least. I think the point has been missed, not that i really understand this (each phase seen by the participants is but a small part of the larger mystification): this was an upgrade of things like Scientology, an earlier and completely stupid ‘dosing sufi cocaine’ in a psychopath to create an experiment, with a large ‘karmic’ residue: a permanent movement of idiots trying to create a religion. I think with Gold an attempt was made by the same hidden sufis to study this problem, and try their luck with Jewish smarts (but Gold was a complete idiot, afraid of smart Gentiles), to achieve something better, with a series of rapidly appearing/disappearing pseudo-schools, all of them so stupid or undocumented noone would pick them up for permanent movements. But what was the point. Everything Gold did was a farce. And there was one strain few have seen: a strange Nazi/fascist genocidal theme: the path of mass death to feed the planet. That subsection never appeared on the charts of such as the Gurdjieff Foundation’s analysis. I found that aspect a strange puzzle, especially since it was carried out on the sidelines by his hidden groups of Jewish favorites, who ended up with Nazi armbands. What was that?

I thought once (I had a brief contact with Gold’s shennanigans from 1975 to about 1977). The result was so confusing that I feel out of the economy for three years, and was helped by a study of marxism: the left will settle this in the end, because it is a set of experiments in mind control, soon to be crowd control, soon to be another massacre staged with sufi baraka, etc., etc… It is clear now that Gurdjieff was a superreactionary, appearing at the moment of the Russian revolution to study the chances of counterrevolution in the Big sense: a rightwing takeover of modernity. Maybe Gold’s fascist phase echoed that. It wasn’t in character, so who knows.
Let me say that if this is unfair Gold has had decades to set the record straight, five minutes of honesty would do it, but the reality is that there is no mindfuck like Nazi occult mind fuck, and it is an experiment crazy wisdom addicts fall into finally. And it goes all the way into the mystery of degenerate ‘buddhism’ in the medieval period.

In any case, we must wrest the myth of gurus and spiritual sheiks from the clutches of baraka addicts. The result here has been a big zero, and Idries Shah warned of this: what’s the final tally? In Gold’s case, I see no benefit. Zero. It is a waste of breath to call this unfair. What of the victims? Gold will get away with a legacy of spiritual sufi. While the victims struggle to find a real path. It is ultimately a Nietzschean parody: mindfuck the ‘last men’, fuck their brains out for good baraka. The disciples are animals and riffraff and deserve nothing.

This theme was attractive behind the scenes from Gurdjieff onward in the creation of neo-liberal counterrevolution (Gurdjieff was a minor player here): we see the strain emerging in the renewed contempt on economic class issues of conservatives newly emboldened to class warfare of the most open and ugly type. The ‘work’ was always a crypto-capitalist con with the many new age groups clearly based on free disciple labor. We barely see the seeding of this process by figures such as Gurdjieff, who was a peasant taken up by hidden elites to do their dirty business, in the ‘spiritual’ sideline: we are maybe a little unfair: he was a fellow traveler who couldn’t quite keep the secret. And his disciple Ouspensky went into near panic near, a reactionary himself. It didn’t add up to him. The hidden figures we have never seen we can at best reconstruct from the misleading case of Gurdjieff. Being an enslaved pseudo-master operating on a Faustian bargain with sufi cocaine/baraka, he must have been tempted to break ranks, give the game away, and the evidence shows he did just this, sort of. It is interesting the J.G. Bennett, always close-lipped and obedient let slip a modernist, even hidden communist, mindset. He concealed it well, and wasn’t ‘discovered’.
In any case most of the New Age work is incapable, as we suggested in the previous posts, of any real spiritual depth. It is all ‘feeding the vampire’ of dead movements, like sufism, hinduism, and even almost, buddhism, which however seems destined for ‘death and rebirth’ in a new age of modernity. All the spiritual trash, as with sufism, is just flotsam of Egyptian (et al.) gnosticism and its dead vampires of false spirituality.

My marxist friend had much of the narrowness of dogmatic marxism, but he sized up the process of people like Gurdjieff almost immediately. The idea of the ‘work’ has never recovered from that moment of insight, and it is obvious the ‘work’ is a phony cover from class warfare.

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