Is there a hidden social darwinist agenda in Gurdjieffianity? /2012/08/30/is-there-a-hidden-social-darwinist-agenda-in-gurdjieffianity/

Is there a hidden social darwinist agenda in Gurdjieffianity?

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History and Social Darwinist ideology

The Darwinization of history and culture constitutes a dangerous legacy.

Eugenic calamity in the wake of Darwinism is already historical fact. As we will see, the study of history, a clear record out in the open, provides a clear falsification of selectionist claims, made sight unseen about the whole of deep time. History does not proceed in Darwinian fashion. But the ideological pseudo-science of natural selection persists as a dogma applied to all forms of cultural study. Another side effect has been the delusion of eugenic ‘man-made’ evolution, and the danger of misapplied evolutionary concepts doing damage to human populations. And the indirect propaganda in the name of science for the debunking of altruism and thence the promotion of selfishness as the basic cast of evolutionary situations is clear evidence of the promotion of capitalist economic ideology in the background.

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