Kalachakra Tantra, ‘buddhist’ criminal esotericism, and German nineteenth century occultism…/2013/04/05/kalachakra-tantra-buddhist-criminal-esotericism-and-german-nineteenth-century-occultism/

Kalachakra Tantra, ‘buddhist’ criminal esotericism, and German nineteenth century occultism…

The issue of the Kalachakra Tantra is disturbing, but I haven’t quite zeroed in there because there is something much more disturbing, as we have hinted here several times: the dark statements of Osho Rajneesh in the seventies of the involvment of ‘buddhists’ in the emergence of Nazism. This is very hard to take further, but we can see that the smoking gun points to esoteric Tibetan sources. We must be fair and not accuse Tibetans outside the inner circle. And people are innocent until proven guilty: so the charge laid by Rajneeh has failed to go anywhere. Many have a hard time understanding what on earth is meant, and lack the knowledge of occult potential to make sense of such a charge. Remote control of individuals is a known power of dark-side occultists like the second string Gurdjieff, so we have the key to the whole thing. We have pointed here many times to the obscrue origins of German occult groups of the late nineteenth century into the twentieth: these are the fronts who take the fall. More we don’t know. But the Kalachakra Tantra is a reminder that systematic training in criminal behavior started early in Tibet…
Buddhists need to be wary of the assumptions about spiritual authority, and submission to gurus. The whole game is Fuck you in your face. You owe fascit gurus nothing whatever…

The Dalai Lama rarely speaks to Western audiences about the higher levels of the Kalachakra Tantra, for example, the most important religious text in Tibetan Buddhism. The authors write that “In the eight secret higher initiations of the Kalachakra Tantra, extreme mental and physical exercises are used to push the initiand into a state beyond good and evil. The original text thus requires the following misdeeds and crimes of him: killing, lying, stealing, infidelity, the consumption of alcohol, sexual intercourse with lower-class girls. As in all the other tantras, here too these requirements can be understood both symbolically and literally.” This last point is important. While Tibetan Buddhists in the West argue that the violent passages in their religious texts are meant to be read as metaphors for psychological processes, there’s a great deal of evidence that in Tibet they were taken quite literally, and that the Lama community continues to take them literally today.

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