Last and First Men: beyond Nietzschean parodies // and Ouspensky’s idiocy about the future evolution of man2013/04/29/last-and-first-men-beyond-nietzschean-parodies-and-ouspenskys-idiocy-about-the-future/

Last and First Men: beyond Nietzschean parodies // and Ouspensky’s idiocy about the future evolution of man

I am reposting this here from Darwiniana, with a reminder tha
We need a new version of the commuist legacy. Last and First Men can be a small step in that direction with

1. a new philosophy of history
2. a critique of the Darwinian paradigm used to promote class warfare
3. a collation of the exposes of neo-classical economics
4. new models of post-capitalist economies
5. a critique of marxist dogmatism, and its cliche syndrome
6. a new definition of what a ‘(new) communism would mean
7. a social communism able to be a foundation for the future evolution of man
beyond the idiocy of the Darwinian road to species degeneration.

The list continues…Part of the problem, and frustration, for leftist groups is the unrevised legacy fo marxism and leninism that is simply recycled without change. The public is automatically turned off by that.
Nietzsche’s Last Man is a grotesque distortion of what is needed: a species level evolutionary program based on the achievement of a new form of cooperative society beyond class. The idea that fascist eugenics of Social Darwinist superman parodies will advance the future of homo sapiens is a sick joke. The future evolution of man is an immensely more difficult task, not unlike the path of the Boddhissatwas who make a species level commitment. That Buddhist framework may not be viable as the Axial Age religions attempt to enter a new age, but the reality pointed to by some brands of buddhism is a warning that Darwinist ideologies are likely to produce a grotesque new form of human.
We see that the connection between a new communism and future evolution is direct, and a challenge to the crypto-fascist class warfare parodies of the neo-liberal regime.

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