Losing all one’s new age trails….fortunately…/2014/01/28/3980/

Losing all one’s new age trails….fortunately…

As to the previous post…I forgot to mention that I am better off having lost all the New Age groups I passed through. The possibility of a real path opens for the first time. Goodbye to all the junk spirituality now current from TM to Qaballah to yoga to guru ashram bustops, to sufism to Tibetan Buddhism to Zen puke regurgitated, to born-again Xtianity, to… the list goes on, and includes a new and toxic innovation, Aleister Crowley style occultism.

If at all possible one should bypass this new occultism, but black magicians like Gurdjieff, E.J. Gold and far too many Tibetan honchos, are starting to force people who should stay away from occultism to take it up in self-defense, failing disastrously because they are nice guys without the psycopathic facility to harm other creatures for spiritual profit. The long view of world history shows that the successful ways were the proto-Jain (or what we now see as buddhism). The world of Mahavir is nonetheless obscure to us, and the comparison to buddhism, first born of the ancient Jain line, is only roughly useful. Monotheism was an Axial Age manifestation, or innovation, and its status is not clear. Since pop theism is almost a form of idolatry the emergence of ‘garbage disposal’ groups like the New Atheists is, eh, a sign of the times.
For some reason it is very hard for non-Indians to move into the path of enlightenment, but that may change. Americans should consider the fate of ‘yoga’ in the realm of capitalism and ask if there is anything they won’t destroy that they touch on. I would strike yoga off the list at this point, its value for those seeking better dieting methods getting a wave of the hand. Xtians and monotheists should consider the Kantian critiques of reason, and metaphysics. Naive theism is a problem. The issue of ‘god’ becomes the doorway to a world of ‘antinomies’, the first of Kant’s list being the ‘god’ question, the thesis/anti: there is a beginning in time, there is not beginning in time. We cannot resolve these antinomies using our human reason, but wait, can physics do the job? You can take the antinomial reality as the next stage beyond theism/atheism, or you can take the Kantian reinvention of ‘faith’ as way to persist in belief. But I think the Xtian exploitation of ‘faith’ can’t survive the Kantian version. But I don’t know. The more productive paths of meditation are under assault after the fashion of yoga, so the future then (save in India) is not clear. It may be necessary to break the question down into components and start over: the meditative path examines the phenomenon of ‘attention’ which is a complex hybrid of the ‘act of will’ and the ‘being levels’ of consciousness/self-consciousness. That’s two paths in one, and the ‘buddhist’ goal of the cessation of the ‘will’ in the finale of pure being is theoretically only half the answer. A race of intelligent devils using their ‘wills’ in an eternal warfare of spirit cannibals seems to suggest the First Noble Truth all over again.
The question of the future of buddhism will determine the whole game, and it is hard to see how buddhism will survive in American culture. So we might look elsewhere for the future of the ‘new age’ exploration. It would help to have better histories, and Indian spiritual history is especially confusing.

To be continued…

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