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More on previous Bennett post

The previous post in a nutshell
The question of the hyparchic future is simply that of the virtual future (with the difference that the virtual future, being the causal future of the past, would be single-valued, while the hyparchic future might show, for some reason, a series of potential outcomes, prior to manifestation). Forget all that, except to consider what Bennett suggests as a hint: a sudden sense of the hyparchic future of communism and its birth in the period of 1848, the dawn of a new epoch in his system. But he was writing in the fifties and sixties, and the sense of the hyparchic future crept upon him in a vision of demiurge(s) in the hyparchic future.

Crackpot? At a bare minimum such futures are the staple of sci/fi. And the basic idea makes sense, if you have a model of space-time to go with it, which Bennett did, however shaky that model (which includes hyparxis, time, and eternity, plus three dimensions of space, as a six-dimensional model). No mystery here, really, the early socialists began to sense the different future of capitalism, and in Marxists this became a hyparchic heebeegeebee feeling it was ‘inevitable’. The idea seems to restate the obvious, but in Bennett it has a different dimension, because he asserts theoretically that the ‘hyparchic future’ is real in some sense.

It is too uncanny to reject completely, for a simple reason: there are few things more crackpot than the neo-classical economics used to buttress theories of economies now out of control and about to destroy a planet. Jumping out of the causal track here into a ‘hyparchic’ parallel track requires the ‘freedom’ to intervene, via a revolution, I guess, an awful lot of jargon for a simple idea, one that Marx agonized over, as a materialist by the book: systems don’t jump tracks, and ‘freedom’ in a deterministic system is a problem. Anyway, the idea that a truly real hyparchic future exists, with demiurgic powers truly alarmed by the crisis path of a dimwitted hominid species on a capitalist joyride starts to sound, to me, like more that science fiction. I would be worried. The point, in any case is clear: changing the massive momentum of the capitalist track is very hard, and now inevitable. The hyparchic future shock is here, the present of decision.
So people like Bennett, a buttoned down scion of the haute bourgeoisie, British secret agent, brilliant mathematician, and hobnobber of the capitalist class, began to pick up hyparchic psychic noise about the coming of communism, sensed in the hyparchic future, the handwriting on the wall. He was too tight-lipped to quite spell it out, and clammed up a bit.
You figure it out.
Are you content to go over the cliff with capitalism?

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