Obscurity of gurdjieff ‘esoteric’ reference/2014/01/05/obscurity-of-gurdjieff-esoteric-reference/

Obscurity of gurdjieff ‘esoteric’ reference

The question of kundalini is hard to resolve, and Gurdjieff’s critique, as so often, is an incomplete thought whose meaning is esoteric, and therefore not public. So I don’t know about kundabuffer. I have no means to verify, define, or understand what is said. I could spend ten years reading Beelzebut’s Tales, and might gain a slight increase in knowldege. But those ten years would enslave a student to the Gurdjieff ghost, so I will skip it.

I think it is true that kundalini has a significant meaning in terms of human evolutionary consciousness, but I don’t know for sure. One of Osho’s disciples, quoted here (scroll down) describes an experience of kundalini in relation to enlightenment. So I don’t know.

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