Osho’s Beyond Enlightenment /2013/10/17/oshos-beyond-enlightenment/

Osho’s Beyond Enlightenment (Update, link may not work, but the book is not hard to find at new sites, this book is important because it suggests ‘temporal enlightenment’ doesn’t persist and can’t be what the legacy says it is. We se that Osho degenerated rapidly all of a sudden, if he was ever enlightened at all)

Go to this source http://www.oshoworld.com/e-books/eng_discourses.asp and click on the Beyond Enlightenment link for a classic little known discourse from Osho in the late eighties (I think).

Osho is something of a mystery: if you try to approach him (mostly futile in any case if dead) you encounter not a imge and being of bliss, but a kind of dysfunctional chaos.
The reason is puzzling until you consider the history of his public states and appearances. Everything is in the classic Buddha mode until suddenly everything seemed to go haywire. The reason he made clear several years later was his passage ‘beyond enlightenment’.

It is worth reading that sutra to see the way Osho is not always the man you think he is/was, at the end of his own travels. In that sense Osho is for too advanced/obscure/broken to make sense to beginners. I don’t know. But the person is no longer there: it is a void from which mental chaos can enter instead of enlightened bliss.
Who knows?
That sutra is one of the strangest, and I suspect it was related to a whole series of gurus falling apart all of a sudden. A good example was Da Free John who suddenly turned into a monstrosity:he actually declared he would give up enlightenment. You can’t reach enlightenment from such people. They aren’t there in that sense. The point is that enlightenment is still an experience, and that of an experiencer. After that I guess you just float in a fog. If you try to make a guide of that on the path, you end in a ditch drunk, to use Osho’s phrase.

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