Ouspensky /2014/07/24/the-o-entity/


The question of Ouspensky is of great interest, but his view of things was almost as bad as that of Gurdjieff. That’s why he won’t show himself: he is a new person in a new life and civilization. The reactionary fellow from history is dead and gone. But his battle with Gurdjieff is telling: he bequeathed to the world ISOM, one of the most effective pieces of propaganda in the history of religion, and that is being used by all sorts of sufis gangsters like Gold who want to keep Ouspensky suppressed like a slave so they can use his book as they please. ‘Ouspensky’ is going to fight until the Gurdjieff work is dead and gone. We don’t need anymore reactionary premodern crypto-fascist religious movements.

Ouspensky’s point is clear: people can recruit an unlimited number of suckers using ISOM, and once in the fold they can be exploited very easily in the name of Ouspensky.
It is time to make ISOM an historical artifact. Its message is not exactly that deep at this point, and it is filled with the deceptions of Gurdjieff. Its message is, how profound, meditation in action.

It is entirely natural that the ‘Ouspensky entity’ should consider it that way.

The rule of thumb: don’t buy into any spiritual come-on that uses Ouspensky’s ISOM. The promise of a fourth way school is in every case entirely bogus. The whole spiel of Gurdjieff is crap.

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