Ruthless separation from the Osho vampire /2013/10/17/ruthless-separation-from-osho-vampire/

Ruthless separation from the Osho vampire

I have been generous with Osho here, and hope I have cleared him of some of the misconceptions that surround him. But all this seems an exercise in futility at this point. In fact Osho warned about dead gurus, and he seems no exception. A dead guru is like a Halloween mask that any tom, dick, and harry (ghost/devil) on the astral plane can use to perpetrate mischief by another name.

But contact with Osho cn often be real. In any case the long years of association with the Osho ‘thing’ (cosa vuestra) has suddenly come to an end for me.
I finalized the deal by taking all my Osho books to the landfill and throwing the lot into the trash dumpter. A good hour of tremendous relief came over ‘me’. The rest will follow, no doubt.
Better that way. We won’t forget we are not friends.
Osho denounced books, so I guess this serves him right.
I wonder how many other fringe followers he has on the backburner, not allowed in, not allowed out, in waiting to try and keep his ashram alive in another life.
sorry, I quit.
A guru can’t do the one unforgivable thing: keep you asleep to serve his ends.
A buddhist somewhere said, if you meet the buddha on the way, kill him. I think that too violent. Did that ancient zany zenist understand what meant. Flip the bird, might be better.

I have read three hundred of Osho’s book three to five times each and suddenly realize I can’t remember a single thing of any of it. Strange.
Meanwhile, the Osho game serves no purpose to me, and never really did. In thirty five years since I first saw a poster of Osho in the East Village I have never been invited to a sannyasin home, save one instance of a gay sannyasin trying to pick me up off the Village streets. Quite a shock when he brought me home and found I was aware of Osho, and not gay. Perhaps I am better off that way, with no contacts. But association is then pointless.
I also did apply via mailorder for sannyas initiation. I received a mala and a sannyas name. When I proudly informed an Indian friend of this development, he gasped, and told me to never use the sannyas (Sanskrit name): it was a double entendre referring to a ‘loose woman’ in Hindi. That was the end of that. Was this delilberate? I think I sent the mala back. My final encounter was a freight train ride to Osho ville in Oregon, a curious told here already. Check the archives
In any case, I have finally gotten the message: not welcome. The closed world of Osho groupies is so idiotic anyway, who cares.
Too ugly to find a tantric sex partner I was never part of the group sentiment with this crowd.
The relation to a ghost guru is a fruitless one, and can be destructive. You can also be stunted in your growth by dead gurus trying to create ‘zombie’ disciples in their next life, to carry out a legacy. Not for me, thank you. To be fair, noone can expend spiritual energy on hostile outsiders. Point taken. Goodbye.

So that is that. Another thirty year waste of time like that with Mr. Gold, who is not yet dead, but almost as deadly.

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