Secret talks with Mr. G and other fake exposes…/2013/07/31/secret-talks-with-mr-g-and-other-fake-exposes/

Secret talks with Mr. G and other fake exposes…

This book makes no sense, and as usual isn’t (probably) as advertised. But it can confuse you completely with no recourse. The whole Gurdjieff field is like that: disinformation, to often veil psychic ripoff or other shenanigans. The book is not coherent, so I can’t finally say what it means.

Secret Talks With Mr. G. with a subtitle: To A Specially Formed Group As Recollected by His Pupils.

The idea that Gold is Gurdjieff’s successor is completely outrageous, an idea that Gold himself has planted in various people who unwittingly perpetuate his mythical credentials.
You can’t resolve any of these issues because the book doesn’t tell the truth, so what’s the point.
This ia an artificial game of secrets in a strip tease that doesn’t finish: enslaving those who hope to figure it out.

Go study the Buddhist canon: you have a clear path laid out. That’s all. These sufi criminals can’t manage such a thing and bullshit ad infinitum.

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