Should sufism be banned as in Ataturk’s Turkey? /2014/05/29/should-sufism-be-banned-as-in-ataturks-turkey/

Should sufism be banned as in Ataturk’s Turkey?

Someone has pointed out that I couldn’t possibly not be a spiritual teacher. I protest that in the US that has no real cultural context. The whole game is going to drift into oblivion.
I have too frazzled by decades of occult victimization to play a public role.
Plus I was a teacher in a previous life. There is no repetition there.
I have, fortunately, no public persona, or public expectation of relationship. I was so mindfucked by sufis that I lived in the streets for ten years. I ate out of garbage cans for so long I lost my teeth. I used to be able to discourse very well. But with cheap dentures I can’t talk very well. That makes the guru game marginal in my case. Still, a darshan where disciples puked might be an innovation. Still want me for a teacher? Better surrender buster.
I can add further details here, if you like. And the sufi way is down the tubes. I think sufism should be scrapped.

But it raises a question: how can anyone be a teacher in the wake of Osho? Is the game like the Jain sequence of 24 teertankers, or a dictatorship of one buddhas for the next age period.
I would rather steer clear of this question.

I think that we are passing beyond the guru game. So there is no hope for the guru ashram format. Spiritual method needs to drop the spiritual surrender ritual. It is bullshit and the gateway to exploitation. The ‘path’ starts with Kantian autonomy.

We need to move the New Age movement to …being a New Age movement. The communist modernity was a new age movement. Can new agers recreate their work in that contezxt?
Everything that comes before 1500 is ancient history. It may well have have a future rebirth/realization, but it is prejudged as liable to be a carrier of demonic forms. Hinduism is so confusing I don’t even know what to say about it. It will have to take care of itself. Buddhism has cleared turned demonic. Ditto sufism. Xtianity is going over its Niagara falls. I have suggested a Munzerian communist Xtianity.

So what is the path? What am I supposed to be teacher of? The enneagram? It’s bullshit, but the honchos there will get past bullshit by spiritual surrender to the esoteric wisdom of the ancient gnostics. I don’t see anything in the Gurdjieff corpus of any value that can’t be obtained from mindfulness exercises. Almost the whole of Gurdjieffiana is useless fabrication. It is true however that the were many ancient teachings. We can’t judge those in the same breath as Gurdjieff.
Bennett has a lot of stuff that could serve as a spiritual means. But if you follow the deeper_d group (I am incidentally banned from that group, why I don’t know) you can see how Bennett’s work has been given away to Gurdjieff, his whole project turned into a doorway to Gurdjieff control. Down the tubes for most of it. But there is a samkhya legacy in Gurdjieff that Bennett makes obvious, and which should not be allowed to be wiseacred by Gurdjieff mythology.
As we can see these issues are hardly worth bothering with. Real teachers don’t peddle the esoteric junk in Ouspensky, whose account is so mesmerizing because it is a piece of journalism, not an exposition via a sutra. It is a flash in the pan.
I think I have a viable path in the creation of a form of communism that is a of exoteric (post-) religion/secularism that can be based on a simple western cultural thematic of modernity, with some history of the core of the meta-buddhist path to enlightenment. It is so simple you might miss it, the virtual church of the Holy Brick, depicted in the preface to Last and First Men.

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