Sufis, Tibetans, and the hint given by Gurdjieff/2013/06/16/sufis-tibetans-and-the-hint-given-by-gurdjieff/

Sufis, Tibetans, and the hint given by Gurdjieff

I am sorry to be hard on E. J. Gold, but the whole Gurdjieff legacy is even worse than the Tibetan. At least the standard of a ‘path to enlightenment’ is used (and then undermined) to give a rough measure of a path. But with these so-called sufis there is not declaration of intent, nothing. Gurdjieff via Ouspensky actually tried to provide a come-on substitute. But look carefully, it amounts to very little. And note the way Enlightenment is never mentioned in the whole corpus.

The figure of Gurdjieff may help to understand the Tibetan. Gurdjieff as local vehicle for a ‘beelzebub’ X factor, who is able to reincarnate over time, but who is a demonic closure around something unknown, but ominous: a sort of damned figure who is in a kind of reincarnational limbo, unable to manifest as the real buddhas, stuck thus in samsaara.
This phenomenon of Gurdjieff may explain what it happening with the closed elite of Tibetan lamas, and the figures they have to recruit and train to be their supposed ‘reincarnations’.

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