Suspicions about the Tibetan legacy/2013/06/16/suspicions-about-the-tibetan-legacy/

Suspicions about the Tibetan legacy

I remain puzzled by the commentary over Chogyam Trungpa. Of all the things to discuss, jusfifying his legacy seems to take the front row. I am suspicious here that I have misunderstood what is going one here, but at the same time beginning to suspect the truth, which is that Trungpa represented a vested interest in the Tibetan tradition, his strange life and behavior notwithstanding. I suspect the Tibetan tradition is built around these bizarre entrenched zones of people and the disembodied ‘ghost persons’ who have to solicit ‘reincarnation’ vehicles which are nothing of the kind. What was happening with Trungpa, however, is not clear, and may not follow this pattern exactly.
Students here should be asking if they are supporting a hidden elite that pays no attention to its students at all.

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