The ambiguity of Trungpa/2013/07/31/the-ambiguity-of-trungpa/

The ambiguity of Trungpa

You might see why I am reluctant to endorse the praises given to Chogyam Trungpa here.
The problem with these occultists, discussed in previous posts, is that they cannot state the plainness of a real path, something Buddhists can do: they go by the book and state their business.

But is Trungpa like that? Or is he in a game like Gurdjieff, or is he a victim of hidden Tibetan elites who are the hidden occultists of the Tibetan sphere? I wouldn’t wait around to find out.

These occultists will never do that, create a plain path, except as a set of lies.
So the same mistrust attends Trungpa, unfairly or not. If you have a movement that goes by the book and someone suddenly doesn’t go by the book yet still gets institutional support, you are confronted with the same old esoteric bullshsit peddled by hidden elites who have taken away the transparancy of the movement of Buddhism.
This could be unfair, and I can hardly determnine the issue with that man. But it is wrong to force people in the realm of Tibetan affairs to have to toe the line over Trungpa. Be done with the fellow and move on.

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