The end of the surrender mirage /2014/07/14/the-end-of-the-surrender-mirage/

The end of the surrender mirage

The age of spiritual surrender is over, over and out. With figures like Gurdjieff and hardcore sufi mafiosos like Gold spiritual surrender is a quick route to some really nasty exploitation.

If you surrender to a guru does that mean you surrender your life, autonomy, and finally your soul? Does it mean you have no further say in your future incarnations? Yeeeps, these folks are insane, and fallen into eviel. If there is even a hint of this kind of extremism you should be long gone asap. Do NOT ever ‘surrender’ to anyone at this point: the whole idea has fallen into oblivion and come to serve evil.

Make it clear: be absolutely ruthless (logically): spit on the guru’s image, to say goodbye in your own mind (might do that privately, please). Your autonomy is your ego, but the two are not the same.

You can always surrender to the ‘universe’, or to your higher self, etc,… But the authoritarian mode of gurus and sheiks is defunct at his point. Its true meaning has been lost.
Go study the eightfold way in buddhism. You will suddenly realize that the guru/sheik game is a late distortion.
The original form of the guru in India is unknown, and probably doesn’t apply. Osho was clear: he never had a guru.

In any case, you will not reach enlightenment by surrender to anyone, leastwise the crooks like Gurdjieff or Gold now trying to rig the meaning of the terms.

How about surrender to God or Jesus Christ? No exceptions! Exceptions are the road to ruin, like having worms enter your computer.

You can’t surrender to Jesus anyway. How can the ghost of this fellow reckon with one billion Xtian idiots fawning over him for benefits. It can’t be possible he either listens or cares. He must have a rocket to Betelgeuse to get a good nights sleep (for a ghost?)

Surrender to ‘god’ is actually quite different, and can be something mysterious and helpful, once upon a time. But at this point the whole game is perverted and there are too many malevolent entities who will impoersonate ‘god’ for any of that to be worth the bother.

Surrender is dangerous. Don’t ever surrender to figures like Gurdjieff, sufis, Gold, etc…

That makes the question ambiguous with gurus like Osho. No exceptions. No surrender. Tell him to go fuck himself, ghost to ghost???

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