The exploitative legacy of Gurdjieff2013/03/11/the-exploitative-legacy/

The exploitative legacy of Gurdjieff

The book by ‘Rafael Lefort’ was, many suspect, written by Idries Shah.

The whole legacy of Gurdjieff is problematical, to say the least. Be practical. Do you wish a spiritual path? Stay well away from the Gurdjieff legacy. I say this and idiots in the fan club protest, but the warning is heartfelt: the legacy of Gurdjieff has not produced any result that I can see. It could be in secret, but I doubt it. There are too many flaws in the known teaching: the enneagram teaching is flawed, for example, and if that is the case, the core teaching is vacuous. Beyond that the suspicion lingers that it is all a put on: a convenient way to attract seekers to exploit them. The legacy of Gurdjieff is false because it is really about keeping people asleep: you can exploit them that way.
Best to move on as soon as possible. And I hope your brief experience of Gurdjieff didn’t prove spiritually fatal. Gurdjieff is not a teacher. He is ambitious to ‘consume seekers’, the ‘trogoautoegocrat’, and the trap is a powerful one in his so-called teaching.

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