The fourth way a bogus teaching…the fate of Ouspensky /2013/08/07/the-fourth-way-a-bogus-teaching-the-fate-of-ouspensky/

The fourth way a bogus teaching…the fate of Ouspensky

The problem here is the reason for this blog: Gurdjeffianity is not sustainable as a ‘spiritual path’. People like Gold, by peddling the lie that his IDHHB is a fouth way school, cement a system of exploitation based on false spiritual authority. So the whole thing needs to be dismissed, and the figures of false authority deprived of their fake credentials enabling endless harm done to the unsuspecting.

And Gold has never given any explicit account of his life, his contact with spiritual teachings, his meetings with sufis, nothing, zero, beyond the usual pack of lies he spins in response to questions.

We have listed some of the anomalies of the Gurdjieff path, but here Gold cleverly drops most of the Ouspensky/Gurdjieff legacy (substituting it appears the even more toxic Crowley).
1. the enneagram is bunk…
2. the law of three doesn’t make sense, and merely echoes other teachings in order to look original (e.g. dialectic, or non-dual vedanta)
3. the idea of the work is a toxic ambiguity used for various deceptions, among them a rightwing philosophy of ‘extraction of surplus value’, and an excuse to not pursue a path of enlightenment
4. Gold has spread the falsity that he is the successor to Gurdjieff…
We will continue this list in further posts…

The point here is that Gurdjieff never produced a viable teaching. Gold is even worse. Further, part of the current battle with Gold lies in something hinted at: the way Ouspensky in his next life was persecuted without mercy to keep him from stopping people like Gold taking control of the Gurdjieff legacy…Ouspensky II became mad as hell that his ISOM became a tool for others to exploit people. While he himself was anathematized behind the scenes for spiritual disobedience. Outrageous: he saw through the Gurdjieff deception….

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