The Hindutva ‘menace’/2013/05/12/the-hindutva-menace/

The Hindutva ‘menace’

You are absolutely right, but my knowledge of India is limited. I have tried via scanned text from a book from Bazaz to consider one issue, very controversial: I tried to use an Indian writer. I am not clear who Prem Nath Bazaz was, or how he fits into the picture. Nor am I completely confident of his interpretation. But his basic perspective clarifiews things considerably. But the contrast of Buddhism with the complexity of Indian religious history tends to backfire.

But, by all means help with the issue here if you link. You can post links and commentary and I will upgrade them to post level, as I have done here.
I recall the sage/gure Rajneesh criticizint the Hindutva already in the seventies/eighties. They seem to have gotten stronger. I have of course tried to get clear on the AIT/OIT questions, and your book is helpful here.
So by all means post any data you have here.

Sujay Rao Mandavilli said,

05.08.13 at 3:25 am · Edit

People like you must spend more efforts tackling the hindutva menace- create awareness among the public on what exacly they are upto . you are well-positioned to do this. I can help ypu if you like

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