The hundred year war between Gurdjieff and Ouspensky /2013/03/16/the-hundred-year-war-between-gurdjieff-and-ouspensky/

The hundred year war between Gurdjieff and Ouspensky

The Gurdjieff legacy is dangerous for many who become known to the sources of the work, including the disembodied G entity or related sufi sharks/devils.
We linked a while back to the movie The Bourne Identity: an agent suffers amnesia (a hollywood cliche, but…) and tries to ‘self-remember’ how he was programmed, if he was, and by whom, and how he can escape it. The movie is so-so, but the symbolism is apt. It comes as a shock to realize you might have been enslaved hypnotically by a devil like Gurdjieff. It is not a bit funny.

If you are part of the Gurdjieff legacy, if you have come to the attention of the G-process or related sufis (thousands pass anonymously by), you have probably lost your spiritual freedom to a deep set of post-hypnotic suggestions that can persist between lives. Gurdjieff bragged of his power there, not being specific and he wasn’t kidding. It is a dangerous process, because such people do not allow awakening or enlightenment, using them in life after life as ‘energy drones’ milked for their small amounts of conscious energy. The torgoautoegocrat (“I eat ego-crats’: ensaring the will of another for spiritual food in the destruction of that will). Such are the perils of spiritual surrender. Ouspensk became infuriated that his life work was to be propaganda for such devils, and an implacable emnity arose between the two.

The figure Ouspensky reincarnated in the USA and passed through the work again (blunder!), briefly, gravitated toward Rajneesh (who even as an enlightened man was briefly fooled by Gurdjieff), but was never a part of his movement, as such. He was made to realize his ‘deep programming by the work entity, and has been in a kind of continuous warfare with Gurdjieff through two lives. The obsessive clinging of Gurdjieff to Ouspensky in the determination toward revenge is a unnerving, and a warning to naive readers of the corpus, from Ouspensky to the rest.

The only solution to such deep programming is to enter a higher path, the path to enlightenment (not the path of boddhissattwas), which sooner or later must uncover such unconscious hypnosis. Be afraid, if you have ever passed through the Gurdjieff work.

Ouspensky has, in any case, long since denounced/renounced Gurdjieff. The whole episode is unfortunate and has distracted spiritual history for a century with a difficult enigma.

You should be suspicious of the Gurdjieff canon, as was Ouspensky, who realized Gurdjieff was a criminal. No exemplars have emerged in the entire period since the era of Ouspensky. Nothing. Look carefully: enlightenment is never mentioned, because Gurdjieff was so graced, being an occult, a ‘Faustian’ case of unknown provenance.

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