The plantation/slave model of Gurdjieffianity /2014/01/25/the-plantationslave-model-of-gurdjieffianity/

The plantation/slave model of Gurdjieffianity
The comments of ‘Diogenes’ are typical in a way: the people who defend Gurdjieff are uninformed outsiders. The whole game lives on the naive enthusiasm created by Ouspensky.

The issue of Gurdjieff, a dead guru btw, requires more than regurgitated Ouspensky. These people are reactionaries who wish to undermine the modern world, destroy democracy, and restore the power of obscure religious/esoteric cults. They can’t succeed. Ironically these people land in the ambiguous realm of Nietzschean nihilism, as did the fascists/nazis…

The danger of entrapment and enslavement around Gurdjieff sufis is real, it is good to give the whole game a wide berth…The whole thing is outrageously unfair to Ouspensky who have moved on in his next life, despite immense efforts by the ghostly and demonic G-phantom to reenslave him.

It is amusing to read Anirvan’s book on the subject (To Live Within) to how a slave-robot can arise from the Hindu tradition pressed to provide Gurdjieff propaganda. The Indian tradition of gurus and disciples is quite different, and is able to produce sages, where the Gurdjieff world is really deadly to human autonomy.

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