The puzzle of the Illuminati /2013/07/31/the-puzzle-of-the-illuminati/

The puzzle of the Illuminati

I didn’t mean to denigrate Rosicrucianism in the previous post. But the study of the eonic effect leaves the issues of gnostic history unsolved. It is all I suspect ‘cultural trash’ floating down the stream from some unknown first appearance in the late Neolithic. ???
The point is that things like the gnostic stream are not touched by the larger macro process of the eonic effect which operates on purely wholesome cultural entities.

But just here I can’t pontificate. The history of Rosicrucianism (and or freemasonry) is a tough nut to crack, but, unless I am mistaken, it is not part of the macro effect in modernity. I think that Rosicrucianism predated the rise of modernity, and was never part of the real gist of modernity. It is a puzzle in part of German history, and that goes back to the obscurities of the Roman Empire encountering peoples at its fringes. Or else it is a seeded process of Islamic culture, like Romance poetry. The hidden influence of the Islamic tide is very hard to uncover, but it is there: consider Chaucer and his poetic themes. It is all mysterious. But the rise of modernity is something different, and and doesn’t operate via occult subjects. But there I can’t be sure: look at the confusion created by the Illuminati, near the French Revolution. A probable mason or Rosicrucian concoction it was accused of seeding revolution. But all the students here were hopelessly confused. A close look suggests the obvious fact that modernity springs from a different source and that this simply picked up the outstanding elements of the occult traditions momentarily the way a wave picks up a floating object and then leaves it behind. The revolutionary process and the emergence of democracy were something else then. The Illuminati are a complex hoax, in a stream that was highly reactionary, no doubt, but suddenly manifested a brief reign of radicals at the time of the French revolution. The amount of nonsense about this is beyond belief. But the later phase of some unknown German occultism that turned rancid and seeded a fascist milieu at the end of the nineteenth century produced much of the hysterical denunciation of the briefly appearing progressive Illuminati.
The attempt to blame the whole of modernity on the Illuminati via the revolutionary tradition is complete nonsense. Revolutions in modernity are part of the mysterious progression of epochs discussed in the previous post, and in WHEE.
So, this doesn’t force us to reject Rosicrucianism, which once had an upscale rendition: it is simply that we wish to distinguish the mundane historical stream from the interaction with a spiritual process.
So verdict for Rosicrucianism remains murky. Don’t expect such things to lead you to a spiritual knowledge or dimension. All this dead gnosticism is part of the dead magic of long lost Pharaohs still lurking in samsaric realms to feed on later life in the damned cycle of vampires.
The ancient traditions of the earliest stage of civilization before even the rise of Sumer are lost to us (and not clarified by the ravings of hucksters like Gurdjieff).

So the tide of modernity is part of a larger process of civllizational evolution. And this doesn’t contaminate culture with the refuse of long lost Egyptian occultism resurfacing ad infinitum long after its period of initial flourishing.

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