The sad end of my new age explorations…a thirty five year waste of time…/2014/01/27/the-sad-end-of-my-new-age-explorations-a-thirty-five-year-waste-of-time/

The sad end of my new age explorations…a thirty five year waste of time…

The last dozen or so posts show the obvious: the complete failure of everything I had hoped to achieve in the New Age movement. Everything. Tibetan Buoddhism the source of nazism? Goodbye to all that? Can buddhism survive this expose? I doubt it. The American brand is being quietly destroyed by its followers.

The sufi movement is a total calamity. To actually stumble on its esoteric secret results in total rejection. The is ancient teaching no longer works and is being taken over by creepy operators like E.J.Gold who wants to turn it into a Jewish monopoly: destroy the paths of any uppity gentiles who get anywhere near success. It is not worth it to bother with sufism.
The expansion of hinduism against the decline of buddhism is the fatal temptation of the Indian spiritual movement, which is likely to pass away in India. The commercialization of yoga is an ominous sign. But westerners cannot easily manifest the Indian paths. Part of the problem is the confusion over autonomy and the domination of gurus. There is no middle ground, and most of the New Age sadhana is phony junk peddled to westerners who can’t honestly enter the realm of ‘spiritual surrender’. Nor should they regeret this. Being taken over body and soul by a gangster like Gurdjieff to serve unknown ends is a terrible fate, and the failure to speak clearly on these issues has wasted the time of too many who realize they have wasted a life on something that is not within their possibility.
Christianity is a complete waste of time. I have tried very hard to include that in my new age search. I spent months in meditation on a gospel mission bench before making a ‘decision for Jesus’. The great moment came and the result was to get kicked in the teath by some astral copy of ‘jesus’: ‘this religion is for retards, bugger off’. I was stunned. But before that happened I did experience what often happens to those who enter the ‘conversion syndrome’ so prominent in the evangelical branch: your life can suddenly reorient toward a prosperous Faustian pact with the invisble church. I went from down and out to a good job and apartment to down and out again in less than a year, and a self-warning not to be ‘conned by Jesus’ again. It is a dangerous mixture of Mephistopheles, so, once again, I am better being booted out of Xtian piggy bank routines. Pissed off at Jesus, then, is the last phase of Xtian Xtasies.
That leaves a perfect strikeout on New Age ventures. AS thirty five year waste of time.

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