The sufi ‘plexus-seed’ mystery..take a rain check and consider the ‘path to enlightenment’/2014/01/21/3922//./.99% of all ‘sufis’ are fakes…

The sufi ‘plexus-seed’ mystery..take a rain check and consider the ‘path to enlightenment’ /./.99% of all ‘sufis’ are fakes… (update: if you are involved wth ‘sufis’ and don’t know what is being said here, escape immediately…fake sufis

John Shirley doesn’t sound at all as if he had any connection with the Gurdjieff game (I won’t say ‘work’). Actually the connection to sufis, if that was real in the period when Ouspensky et al. were alive, is related to a form of so-called ‘soul creation’ (but we all have souls already, so the lingo is ambiguous) and a related phenomenon its puzzled

recipients refer to as a ‘solar plexus’ zone ‘baby’, or belly seed. My brief experience of this resulted in getting ripped off, good luck,I am free of the whole game which is really about something else, perhaps. If you have been connected to the work so-called for more than a year and don’t know what I am talking about, be gone: you are being manipulated as an outsider. This sufi signature shows no signs I can detect in the Ouspensky/Gurdjieff groups, but I can’t tell: moral, despite all his impressive circus acts Gurdjieff is ambiguously a sufi fake or perhaps not. ?
It is best to forget this phenomenon, and be glad you are an outsider. Seek a more transparent path.
John Shirley: quit while you are ahead. I doubt if you have any connection to the work gang, and be glad that is the case.
There, you got the sufi secret from an outsider. A warning to never trust sufis. (and my account her may be confused. But people who find out anything about sufis is so rare I will briefly spill the beans)
later comments:
This is strong stuff (cf the post from two days ago quoted below): you can implode people’s view of sufism in an eyeblink. I hope that’s the case. I think it is important and worth it to expose the confusion here. That’s hard: the ‘real’ sufis have a spiritual technology beyond anyone’s ken. But I wonder is they understand their own resource. 90% of ‘sufis’ are involved in a fake, and noone gives them a warning: don’t be a casualty of sufi/esoteric disinformation. The post above (several times discussed in my blogs, here and at is the real mccoy, as far as it goes. But I steered clear of the whole question, because it is a trap. I passed briefly through this zone of sufis, but my conclusions are cautionary.
The ‘sufi’ plexus ‘soul seed’ is a strange mystery, with no public information or resources. It is beyond the realm of manipulation. It simply happens to sufis in proximity to various sources, usually ambiguously disguised. Despite all this I refused to enter this path: it is suspiciously manipulated by demonic people. You are given a gift with a hidden price. And that’s the end of your spiritual path. A crucial question arises: why be a Faust to a sufi metphistopheles if you can do better, move beyond ‘soul’ on the path to enlightenment.
But this is nowhere a public phenomenon. The odds are that you will never find the ‘real’ sufis. I was cured of sufi interests, in fact. Who wants to be potted plant is some obscure sufi culture of medieval sheiks?
It is not funny. In fact you may fall into a real hell and stay there for a long spell of many many lives. The path of enlightenment moves beyond ‘soul’, while ‘paths of will’ (I am guessing here) can adopt a samsaric strategy of action. The latter seems the way to go, but in reality it will teach you the first noble truth, as your ‘will’ is made the object of capture. You will repent of being a sufi hotshot, really repent.
But the phenomenon is genuinely remarkable: a mysterious plexus ‘object’ evidently in a higher dimension interacting with the human body. Don’t waste your time trying to find this. And in any case, realize it is never worth getting anything free from the sufi mafia. So I must have been lucky I encountered the unique experience of ‘stolen baraka (actually the plexus ‘baby’ phenomenon).

There are a lot of mysteries to man’s ‘evolutionary psychology’. But they have fallen into confusion. Another example is the kundalini nexus, now almost impossible to figure out.

Sufis are total shits. They have misled thousands upon thousands of people with disinfo, wrecking their spiritual potential. Never have anything to do with them. I refuse to keep their secrets, and am persona non grata anywhere near them. Let me repeat, total shits. Exceptions: those who sweetly call themselves ‘sufis’ are usually naive and innocent people. Leave them alone.
The question of human soul is obscure, but it seems clear that ‘homo sapiens’ individuals all have a soul factor as a species character. This other mystery of the sufis is something else. The problem with the species level ‘soul’ is that it is not really permanent at all: you get a healthy run of human existences in order to accomplish ‘human completion’. That’ why, no doubt, the religious preacher rant, now so decayed, makes sense: be about your business of life and don’t be tempted by demonic sideshows. I have a bad feeling that conventional Xtianity no longer works anymore, so, with all due respect, you might do well to question what it offers. It is a complete mess at this point. Small wonder the new atheists refuse to put up with it anymore.

Still, it is a pity that science can’t study this phenomenon. The existence of a hyperdimensional object near the plexus, and ‘sensed’ partially by the physical nerve system is a puzzle of puzzles, especially in what is considered a backward cultural context! I can’t resolve this because my experience of this was very brief (fortunately, in retrospect). Embittered ‘sufis’ who sense they have missed the real thing converge on bewildered beginners to ‘steal’ the energy there, or so I suspect from my own case. (but it is also true that the energy involved is infinite, so why the egoic muddle?) Goodbye to all that.
They did me a favor, because I wish to move in a different world. But the whole thing is beguiling and strange. I suspect there are many such phenomena connected with the human evolutionary psychology, e.g. the mostly lost art of kundalini. What ancient knowledge is lost to us?

If you are an aggressive scioentist looking for proofs and evidence this is a cliffhanger: the evidence is there, but….!! In any case, I suspect the ‘soul’ is material in some sense. The spiritual/material division is misleading.
Anyway this was intended to warn John Shirley he has no connection whatsoever to Gurdjieff, unless it be the unconscious manipulation of a writer useful for propaganda. Get the fuck away from these devils, even as ‘soul’ peddlers.

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