Tibetan buddhism in derailment/2014/02/27/tibetan-buddhism-in-derailment/

Tibetan buddhism in derailment


This kind of high-pope PR is growing a bit thin. It is pure bullshit. The question of Tibetan buddhism we have addressed several times in the previous few posts, noting the way in which a very violent Hollywood movie star is given a position of authority, and the basis of bogus claims of past lives, produced by the back stage ‘experts’. It is mostly bullshit, and it does NOT constitute proof satisfactory for a skeptical public. This important because these tulkus have the

resource of occult black magic, in the deep background, and even criticizing someone like Segal is fraught with danger. I am hip to this game and am not afraid of that. A public fracas makes the operators wary so it is safe. But the Dalai Lama’s false sanctity is counterproductive, although it works with many.
Tibetan buddhists are being stalked by outside occultists trying to work out the place of buddhism in the emergence of fascism and nazism. It is hard to follow the trail, but the suspicion is getting progressively worse. Between the Dalai Lama’s sugar coated sanctity and the authority given to a repulsive Hollywood violence star one begins to stand back from the increasingly unattractive muddle of Tibetan buddhism to see a spiritual movement in derailment.

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