Tibetan buddhists in the market for a violent antisemite //time to wipe Tibetan buddhism off the face of the earth?/2013/11/07/tibetan-buddhists-in-the-market-for-a-violent-antisemite-time-to-wipe-tibetan-buddhism-off-the-face-of-the-earth/

Tibetan buddhists in the market for a violent antisemite //time to wipe Tibetan buddhism off the face of the earth?

My criticisms of the Osho Commune are not much.

Far more deserving is the Tibetan buddhist outfit. This group scares me. It was Osho who exposed the esoteric fascism of the Tibetan buddhists, incuding even a Nazi connection.
I don’t think Tibetan buddhism can survive the expose. But one accusation, almost as an aside, in the Osho discourses won’t do it. No one can prove anything. But these bozoa will wish to try again. Don’t think so. you’re history. Apparently the outer school, including the Dalai Lama, don’t understand their sangha. That must be because the perps have moved beyong the buddhist org.
People can’t understand this, because they don’t grasp occult mind control. The technique is well-known, but almost never discussed: telepathic hypnosis at the unconscious level.
The whole Tibetan game is schizophrenic: they are overstaffng their orgs with Jews, making Gentiles insecure of any place in the whole ashram, while behind the scenes in some deep esoteric zone the remnanat nazies are looking for a new hitler, and are curious about antisemites, if they could find one intelligent enough to serve their purposes. Suddenly you get the point about Hitler: his curious hi-low near intelligence and complete psychopathy mixed with a remarkabley obsessive hatred of Jews. Perfect for the job? Far from it. Like the Hitler selection in the movie The Producers (that movie unwittingly stumbled on part of that horror), it is very hard to match the opposite job requirements….
The must have thought my occasional remarks on Jews, and/or EJ Gold qualiafied me for the job.
Sorry, I will see to that Tibetan buddhim is wiped off the face of th earth…

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