Time for a new left mopping up of Xtianity? /2014/01/25/time-for-a-new-left-mopping-up-of-xtianity/

Time for a new left mopping up of Xtianity?

This is an incomprehensible post at the Gurdjieff Con on the esoteric question of sufism, so-called: http://www.gurdjieff-con.net/2014/01/21/3922/ (dead link)

I think the left as neo-communism will try to take the legacy of Marx and his predecessors (who created ‘marxism’ before marx) into a new dimension beyond historical materialism, leaving open the possibility of a kind of spiritual movement. This is not a reactionary compromise with the legacy of religious tradition, but an attempt to replace ‘religion’ (or its Axial Age formats) with something that is true to the modern Enlightenment, but which can see, with a smile, the way the terminology of that modern movement echoed unconsciously the ‘buddhist’ twist on the semantics of the term. We can see in Kant (and of course Hegel) the premonitions of a new postreligion that can be intelligent about metaphysical issues and be able to bring Reason to the issues of ‘spirituality’, Gautama Buddha being an early indication of the ‘modern’ theme of Reason brought to the legacy of Santana Dharma. The format of neo-communism is a good vehicle for this, and in the process the movement can try to reseed a fresh version of the ‘sufi’ underground in Islam, this time on the left as a community of the ‘will’ beside the community of ‘no will’, i.e.buddhism. You cannot intend to do this: it is beyond ambitious or strategic control, but one can see it coming into being behind a change of scenery. So one can hope for the best. Maybe for the first time a postreligious movement can come into being that isn’t a complete shambles of the kind all too visible in the children’s pilgrimage of Xtianity. There are a lot of ways to do this wrong, so better say a prayer, and hope for the best. In the demise of the Axial Age formations the caravan of sufis, those who aren’t corrupted reactionaries like Gurdjieff, go in search of a new exoteric refuge.

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