Time for Mr. Gold to step down, and close the IDHHB/2013/08/01/time-for-mr-gold-to-step-down-and-close-the-idhhb/

Time for Mr. Gold to step down, and close the IDHHB

I recall talking with a Jewish observer of Gold in 1976 who shook his head and suggested that Mr. Gold return to ‘his tailor shop in Brooklyn’. Instead Gold has persisted with his exploitative game for decades. The danger now is that this will institutionalize and persist after his death, a danger he once foresaw, now, evidently, no longer caring. The IDHHB is a fraudulent sufi school and/or fourth way formation/school known for its destructive occult practices which cannot be mediated in law, preempting legal action or redress of greivance in courts of tort law. The destruction of personality/essence via artificial creation of PTSD (Gold openly proclaimed he would create maximum stress in followers) to create nervous breakdowns well after ‘school’ contact, thus voiding the appearance of causal connection, might have been/was claimed as a step toward consciousness. But in reality the agenda of inflicting psychological disease on ‘disciples’ (nonesuch) was part of an agenda of ‘psychological death energy’ creation, this for reason having no status as psychological developmental techniques.
The ‘death march’ psychology of ego-bashing psychic self-destruction was thus not connected with sufism of any known variety as was more clearly exposed by various yogis in other contexts with the metaphor ‘spiritual cannibalism’. That lurid metaphor is misleading and merely refers to something not unlike Gurdjieff’s sly hint that most people never use their appointed lot of ‘conscious energy’, why not harvest it to accumulate it a few in the know of its properties. That’s but the start of a complex field of mostly nonsensical issues of borderline sufism/occultism in the degenerate form created by Gurdjieff, and avidly picked up by sneaky players like EJ Gold.
This ‘fourth way’ or sufi school thus has no spiritual status or authority, and should be shut down forthwith, but should most emphatically be kept out of the hands of ‘successors’ who are already licking their chops at the immense windfuall of a Gurdjieff pseudo-school with their easy manipulation of victims on the basis of the demand, which Gurdjieff was mesmerizing enough to create, of absolute obedience. The whole dangerous mutation of sufi legacies needs to be stopped in its tracks before it creates a fake tradition run by concealed occult criminals. Gold once complained of this factor (with veiled hints) in Scientology. He might now see what monstrosity he has created and shut it down, NOW.

The fate of most sufi so-called formations is violence in their endgames (sufi exterminations and revenge dramas were, I am told, visible in the open behind Sunni/Shia wars in the Iraq war). Slovenly new agers hoping to make off with a second hand car version of the Gold mob would be in for a surprise.
Unlike Ron Hubbard’s scientology disguise, the Gold fomation has let slip its sufistic mould.
Time to bury the Gold toxic material, something he once thought important.

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