Time to dismantle Tibetan Buddhism// PTSD and the fascist surrender syndrome// compassionate Buddha?? bullshit/2014/04/30/time-to-dismantle-tibetan-buddhism-ptsd-and-the-fascist-surrendor-syndrome-compassionate-buddha-bullshit/

Time to dismantle Tibetan Buddhism// PTSD and the fascist surrendor syndrome// compassionate Buddha?? bullshit

The deep core of Tibetan Buddhism is under suspicion of some really upsetting facts in the dark rumors of the last generation.

Osho gave the game away, but the message didn’t quite sink in. After a while it creates a kind of sickness in people, a species of PTSD in the contradictions created by traditionalist authoritarian spirituality and modern notions of freedom and autonomy. The whole question of gurus and disciples is a pile of shit at this point, and I think the whole game is shot. This issue wrecked the sufi milieu of EJ Gold who was unable or unwilling to discuss the issue, and seems to deliberately have left it hanging in a void of induced paranoia. In Jews this was a superpuzzle. But I guess their sufi brownshirts must have persuaded them to ‘surrender’. They managed the miracle of ‘surrender’, jews who would do the heil hitler and call themselves sufis. One for Ripley’s ‘Believe it or not’.
The legacy of Tibetan Buddhism is under suspicion, and the failure of its leadership, the Dalai Lama, to address the issues is going to spell the doom of the movement. The lesson of Chogyam Trungpa is that the whole of lamaism is sick with no viable future. You can’t operate a fascist spiritual movement of ghost/bodhissatwas using a set of Tibetan peasants as fronts, trained parrots mouthing buddhist slogans on cue in the invultuation of the spiritual hierarchy. Conceivably the whole sick routine was a comedy routine. But I think that we have lost the thread of the original tradition and the result now is a stillborn Tibetan Buddhism trying to eek out a future as a dead vampire. We don’t need this corrupt remainder to take up the next centuries of a new era, displacing the chance of a really creative real ‘new age’ movement. Buddhism is dead, and Tibetan Buddhism is worse than dead.

This movement is dangerous because it demands submission to spiritual authority but allows no release via the liberation of consciousness into the field of enlightenment. The result is an army of dead orcs who have to fight the battles over the ‘really dead dead’ preying on the politics of vulnerable Western cultures. It could never have endured very long, and I think the short success of the lamaist movement in the West is more of a death than a rebirth of dharma.

These are strong words and the traditional response of Tibetan operators is black magic (if not torture and death in the old kingdom of medievaly), but they dare not expend their in any case spent firepower in this area, although a few select victims could be vulnerable. We should be vigilant and out front in public, lest their old habits persist unbroken.
I think we can at least put the game on defensive as it looks for a exit strategy into a real new age, a real future. But it can’t do that in its current state without confessing to its real history, and on that score we can sit back and wait while the beast dies away.

In the meantime the real effect of buddhism is a sickness, a form of PTSD that requires a resolution, and an easy if slow cure in the refusal of all buddhist, or other gurus, and some awareness of the plunder of autonomy involved in the creation of spiritual fascists, often across lives so the victim can make no connection.

The whole sick game is over, and the fight for the psotmodern fascist coup to restore the lordship of antiquity is dismisses with a bronx cheer, to start, and a countdown to a real spiritual war if the dead men waling in the buddhist line can’t get the message.

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