Time to ditch buddhism? /2014/04/18/time-to-ditch-buddhism/

Time to ditch buddhism?

We have consistently tried to expose the rightwing reactionary character of the Tibetan buddhist movement. The point is obvious from the surface history, with a question mark and dark rumors about the occult fascism of Tibetan figures hidden in the movement.

The Dalai Lama talks from both sides of the mouth and gives out a liberal odor on frequent occasions. But the hints are there of a conservative movement, and clearly the dalai lama is trying to position himself on the subject of capitalism.

AT a time when the planetary crisis is escalating it would be helpful to consider the revolutionary history of early buddhism, and to demand the same from buddhism now, or else its dismantling. Buddhism, as we have suggested here many times, is/was one of the world’s great religions, but it is fading away slowly, behind the temporary resurgence created by the New Age movement. We need a initiative to start over for a new era.
In any case I suspect the deeper connections to the CIA and/or other covert agencies, and the Dalai Lama ineptly gives himself away, to please his old handlers, from the days of the Tibetan guerrilla movement controlled by the CIA.
The Dalai Lama let slip, before or during the capture/death of Bin Laden, that he was a proponent of non-violence, except for the case of Bin Laden. !!
And the suspicious behavior of figures like Stephen Segal the Tulku at the Boston Marathon event gave away something going on behind the scenes with respect to the War on Terror. A quick look at his movies shows the Neanderthal level of the Tibetan hierarchy.

Behind the fine words we have to suspect Tibetan Buddhism is completely stuck in a reactionary mindset.

The attempt will be made to neutralize radical buddhist groups with the aura of spiritual authority generated by the lamaist tradition. That’s complete bullshit. The Dalai Lama has no spiritual authority whatever, and you should quietly depart from Tibetan Buddhism forthwith on the grounds these ‘authorities’ don’t agree at all and think themselves very highly as spiritual powers with your life in their hands, and they will exert their will against those who won’t kowtow.
There is almost no reason to bother with Tibetan Buddhism at this point. It is a waste of time for the majority. Its methods are mostly theatre, and its tradition a bogus and confusing darkness. The path of Mahayana is corrupt and exploits its entry boddhissatwas who are ripped off and discarded into samsaric dead zones. Pause and reflect: there are better ways to serve humanity than by the bogus path of the boddhissatwa whose deception is to create a terminal samsaric world line with no hope of redemption. In reality the sangha can’t control is members who almost always slip away in the end.

It is not even news that buddhism belongs to an older era and is casting its seed in the ground to create a new movement for the future. But that future is not going to be controlled by buddhism.

Check the scanned text of Bazaz’ compelling book here on this blog. The revolutionary early history of buddhism is tale and a half. The Tibetan hierarchy is something completely different, a dead kingdom created in the middle ages of the past era. But by courting the powers that be a very dangerous movement will be created.

If you have radical sympathies you should ditch this farce at once. NEVER enter relations of passive disciple with such fascists. They will try to use spiritual surrender for political purposes.

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