What is the source of antisemitism…? one aspect/2013/11/07/what-is-the-source-of-antisemitism-one-aspect/

What is the source of antisemitism…? one aspect

It comes as a shock to see the hidden violence in buddhism, as it preaches nonviolence.

I can’t help, and am left to wonder how this happened. It is a real puzzle, until you see the frustratiion of those who attempt to create and guide religions: the Axial Age spawned Israel, and Israelitism (not yet Judaism) and this was in motion toward creating a world religion, as we see in Xtianity. But that took six hundred years. In that excessive interval the Judaic component of Israelism morphed into its own religion based on tribal characteristics: ‘born Jews’. I find it hard to believe that was inteended: covental Israelism was used to motivate a very primitive set of Canaanite peoples to carry out a starting point in a new monotheism.
By the time Christinaity came into existence the Judaic component was so strong it could not reblend with the outcome, but continued in parallel to the new religion. The problem is that 1. instead of one world religion, there emerged two, 2. the intent to create spiritual equality backfired and produced an arrogant side religion based on a distortion as the inequality between Jews and non-Jews. Jews smugly thought they had a special relation with god, and were superior to other men. That disastrous reveral of intent filled early Christians with a sense the ‘devil’ had defeated them in their spiritual aim, and the gestation of hatred began, with sooner or later calamity on the way.
It is no laughing matter: the realization that an entire epoch of 2400 years is going to be flawed beyond repair began to haunt the esoteric founders, stuck with their hopeless failure. The would disappear in a last gotterdammerung of Jews. That didn’t work, and, if anything, Jewish culture, on the verge of destroying the hated Christianity, is ambitious to still greater dominaation. But the rise of secularism will rapidly erode both religions, as the system moves to a new future.
I can’t say I believe this, as such, but this, or something like it, is the source of the implacable emnity against Jews.

I don’t know what the answer is, but I would caution Jews to be wary of thinking they have any special relation to god. It is dangerous claim, and almost certainly complete delusion.
The connection to buddhism is not clear, at first, but obvious in the context of Mahayana, synchronous with the appearance of Christianity. Jesus was the ‘savior’ type, and echoes the Mahayanist phase. In fact, there was probably a deeper connection we don’t know about.

It wouldn’t be until millennia later that a form of buddhism would turn rancid enought to seed german occultism with nazism, if that is what happened. I think ordinary buddhists now should make a large suitcase of classic sutras and meditation manuals and skulk away in the night.

So the Osho world shows an attempt to move into a new era in a complete caesura with the buddhism of an earlier era. They must be vigilant against esoteric fascists looking for new movements. A strong leftit orientation was present at the start, and should be laid in opposition to the conservatizing trend that will try to overtake the Commune, already given over to ‘too much money’ for too little spiritual substance.

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