Gita ambiguities


It looks to be of interest. But keep a perspective on these scholars. They are not able to understand Indian history or religion.
Still a better factual basis for Indian history and religion is to be hoped for.

Before falling down before the superior scholarship of these western scholars check out Bazaz’s history of the Gita which as scanned and reproduced here almost in toto. I have always been a little nervous the factual background of that book would undermine its cogent challenge to the Gita. That the Gita was caught up in the wars against buddhism is a thesis automatically deleted from these scholarly texts. Bazaz’s book is a curious expose of the ‘neo-brahmin’ counterrevolution. Such a thesis would be unmentionable in polite scholarly circles.
STill, the research must go on. I wish we could get more people like Bazaz, with some upgraded research skills. In any case the discussion of Indian religion can’t be understood without seeing the effect of the Axial Age. The innovation and globalization of Indian relgion center-staged buddhism, but this entered into conflict with ‘hinduism’ coming into its crystallized form that is so confusing to later history in its complex blend of confusions that are impossible to eradicate.
Check out the archives for the Bazaz book.

Indians might ask themselves if they really need the Gita as token ‘bible’. The core of the legacy is somehow far beyond this text.

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