I am getting a message that the plexus seed phenom PSP around the Gold circle has been stripped away from that group. I find that hard to believe in this field of disinfo. My statements about a jewish nazi must have scared someone somewhere.

Bu that is misleading. It wasn’t a serious gesture, or was it? Some form of jewish gallows humor beyond my ken.
These issues suffer from secrecy. The obvious resolution in public disclosure (at a moment of failure) seems the only option left.
But come to think of it, the early period when I saw this seems to have shown a jewish rightist and a gentile leftist in some mysterious balance. The latter may have lost it, leaving the impression of an attempted jewish coup. But it seems the gentile carrier was attacked. Suspicions…
But if so it reveals that a few people like me are the only ones left in the constellation of Gold. He had nothing to do with this: it was the realm Reshad Field, I think. . I think my manner of trying to escape the phenom made it pursue me. There must a thousands of moslems in the middle east with their prayer beads who have done better with this than harebrained westerners on their capitalist speed high. They have a kind sheik who looks after them unaware of their great blessing.
but in the west it seems to end up with too much Darth Vader.
Perhaps they are in search of smart people to deal with this issue. If a group of smart jews can’t figure it out, I can’t see how I could.
The problem is clear: the secret can only be used as it remains a secret.

I am supposing that the suggestion is of a balanced presentation in western circles between jews and xtians, but the phenomenon can’t take root without some knowledge of the core mystery. I think it needs a religious milieu. And it doesn’t seem to ‘go through channels’. It seems to prefer beggars.

I think the left as a postcapitalist venture could provide that ‘milieu’, with a source probably already on its way. It will suddenly appear in a ‘communist’ society, if that is one that can embrace a new form of understanding beyond scientism. Commies are in trouble, good show. Off to the caves of Almora for every fifth leftist lined up along the wall.
In my LFM I noted my suspicions about an ‘esoteric left’.
These are issues of the next millennium as the new age tries to assess the old.

Maybe the Osho world should intersect with this. But no Indian guru in his right mind would try to deal with such a confusing subject. But maybe it is a possibility. Osho Was/wasn’t in his right mind so maybe it’s a good idea/ Osho’s work consists of dozens of books on sufis. He asked for it. And it contradicts the spirit of buddhism. The two are not in competition.

We nearing the land of the masts, so long sanity…

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