From two way system of murder to a two way system of fuck you both.

I am in a collision of Osho/Gurdjieff and sufis. The sufis seem to wish me to be a sufi teacher. They burned through multiple jews and now want me to start at age seventy. Are you kidding? I have no interest whatever in being a sufi sheik. To make that clear I took out my copy of Rumi and pissed on it. Fait accompli. IN the akashic records.
That’s final. No further discussion. Sufism is a unique form of evil which will bring Islam down in a crashing ruin. Bugger off. How did sufism end in such a fuckup.

Osho is next. He seems to be fronting for a Gurdjieff revenge routine…Or else I am nuts. Either way I have no further Osho chances. Osho is confusing: he draws me near with a request to be a teacher and then attacks. It is a trick, I guess.
That obviously means, go to hell.
I think that his materials can be useful for a new left. What I said at the start. Meanwhile I’m off. It is obvious I don’t fit in and am not welcome.
I think that an astral plane fraud exists in the ‘extinction of the will’ as a path to enlightenment is merely another cannibal routine. Be wary of it. You can’t follow a path from a ghost directing traffic. It is simply cannibal 101.The last two years show that clearly, with some demon behind Osho. I have no further means of touching the real thing.
But I think Osho is still too authoritarian. I see how he was trying to play master to the teacher. I thought it was a lesson, but it was perhaps a form of contempt.

In the mid seventies I had multiple experiences of self-consciousness. Ever since I have been in these routines with gurus that drain all consciousness. These gurus have wasted my whole life.

Note: Never start a spiritual path from a book from a guru in distant places. It is huge racket. Work alone until life takes you to a source. Don’t let the ashram groupies preach surrender. It is dangerous. Sufi demon junkies thrive on it.

Be alone and that’s if. I will spare Osho the Piss routine, well deserved by sufis.

I think it is clear I won’t accept the offer to be sufi teacher.

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