Review of another enneagram book

Another review from Amazon:
3.0 out of 5 stars Aladdin’s Lamp all over again, April 21, 2015
John C. Landon “nemonemini”
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This review is from: The Holy Trinity and the Law of Three: Discovering the Radical Truth at the Heart of Christianity (Kindle Edition) (Actually I have a hard copy)
The whole discourse of the enneagram is flawed and is a part of the legacy of rubbish that Gurdjieff served up in the name of esotericism. The exact source of this glyph has never been revealed, a source of suspicion right at the start. It would be impossible in principle for a symbol of this type to be a source for all knowledge.

The differentiation of the symbol itself is too thin for such a task (counting lines, points, intersections, etc..). Therefore the symbol is either a fantasy or the ‘Christmas wrapper’ for the undelivered Christmas present. I cannot rule out the possibility that the enneagram refers to something withheld that can explicate its claims. But then why would those who revealed its ‘wrapper’ not be ready to explicate the real mccoy instead of letting tens of thousands, more, take false goods as the secret revealed. Such behavior shows the whole game to be nonsense.
And it is sad to see this stupidity passing first through psychology, in a mythology of types. And now in the realm of the Christian gospels, no less.
It is very confusing and unhelpful for this kind of occult shennanigan deception to penetrate the gospels themselves. The issue of the Trinity shows a real example of a variant of this kind of confusion, so our complaint would be answered with ‘this is nothing new’. In any case, the Trinity most probably is a version of the Indian Samkhya with its views on the nature of triads. Although the enneagram seems to do this it has confused the issue with an imaginary set of interpretations.
Whatever the status of Samkhya, it does offer a few insights into the scheme of things (in the end the same critique as with enneagram might apply) and we suspect the Trinity to be a garbled version of the top triad in the cascade 3,5,12,24,48…

In any case the enneagram is a mirage and it is unfortunate to also bring in the case of Boehme whose musings on a ‘dialectical triad’ was a genuine historical insight sui generis which does no deserve being annexed to the confusions of the enneagram. The law of three is almost universally garbled by all parties, so what is the reality. We cannot let some authority force belief on the grounds of esoteric omniscience. This is just idiocy. Forcing people to believe this in the name of a devil like Gurdjieff is wrong and unfair.

The enneagram shows a funny resemblance to the tale of Aladdin’s Magic Lamp, as the source of manifold wishes fulfilled. The enneagram myth is like that and a clever ruse at the hands of hucksters like Gurdjieff

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