The coming of jewish Crowley sharks behind a sufi front?

This is strong stuff but I stand by what I said. Jewish imitators studying Crowley behind sufi fronts to indulge in ‘sacrifice’ of Gentiles after Gold’s pathfinding depravity are a nightmare scenario squared. Gentile philosemites deserved better than this. Antisemites will certainly evade this horror. Gentiles will probably end up being worse, so what’s the use.

Let me rush to point out that jewish bookwriters, lecturers, spiritual workshop peddlers, etc… are not really included unless they try to create a normative monopoly.
We are back to spiritual surrender issues, the tricks of signing your life away signed on the dotted line.
Jews and Christians are likely to wreck the new age movement, so it may be time to move on.

Try to understand the point: judaism is an Axial Age venture entering a new era. It is also a confusing ‘identity/birth’ based religion. That should disqualify jews from foundational religious creations for nonjews. The spiritual circuit will end up a perverted vampire circuit feeding judaism. It was this kind of undecipherable occult confusion that drove Gentiles into a frenzy toward jews.

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