Cold case: ‘Grease’ and the mysterious Hollywood ritual sacrifice racket….

NOTE/UPDATE:This post shows fragment evidence and makes no charges oraoccusations.


The case of Barry Lyndon was one of the original issues that led to this blog, and the term ‘cold case’ is appropriate for all of it. But the Barry Lyndon case echoed something in the Gold circle, where a few people noted the signatures of ‘sufis’ in Hollywood films. What was all that? Barry Lyndon collated a set of “the one word’ puns on the names of two goldies.The collation of Barry and Lyndon was the signature for some kind of margical ritual.

The case of ‘Grease’ is obscure, but the suspicion is there, and the ‘three volts’/travolta is a curiosity that is passing into history, to be forgotten. I recall suddenly becoming obsessed with electronics (around 1977) and had a funny idea about ‘three volts’. I knew alot about the math of linear systems but was totally ignorant of the technology. I got the classic Radio Shack 99 in 1 kit which allowed making electronic gadgets like radios a simple five minute job (a great toy for its time).

That’s the end of the story. I learned later that Idries Shah was a bit fan of electronics, so maybe I was momentarily picking up a sufi echo. This is as close as you are likely to get to hidden sufism.

I think the answer here is that people were tracking down the reincarnation of Ouspensky, maligned for walking away with Gurdjieff spiritual energy: they ‘sacrificed’ his spiritual energy, and this echoed out into a Hollywood film.

Crazy? That goes without saying. Actuall nothing has been said: the core facts are that people around those sufis often thought they saw sufi magical echoes in Hollywood films.

Cold case file. The case of the movie Grease is less clear. But this might someday flush out some answers.

Moral: don’t trust sufis further than you can spit.

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