A double play

I think the only explanation for the ‘two way system of murder’ is the complicity of Gurdjieff/Osho in trying to destroy RP Ouspensky. How Osho could buy into that is unknown. But it is the only explanation for my bizarre confusion over the past year: carefully veiled behind a request for help (bullshit indeed).

I think I must simply drop the Osho discourse here (OK to continue on other terms). This blog has created a lot of anger, and the point of revenge arrived a while back. I can’t see why Osho would act this way with respect to Gurdjieff. I hope I am wrong.

So goodbye to Osho world

I have lost the sufi, Gurdjieff, buddhist and now Osho connections. This gets boring. I will warn the next generation to start over here…I withdraw all consent, surrender, and guru mongering.

I have wondered if this wad due to a leftist orientation. Not the case. All the reactionaries are far more concealed.

Let me note it is far more profitable to consume the will of a material plane being than to guide the will beyond itself into liberation. Surrender of will doesn’t work with dead gurus: they will be usurped by demonic forms eager to feed on the will in the name of enlightenment…

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