Phasing out the age of gurus…. Never ‘surrender’ to a guru..the game is over

The guru game is too dangerous and uncontrolled to be supported for the future of spirituality. The indiscriminate application of false concepts generalized beyond their source is creating a new mafia to exploit the whole game. And takeover artists like EJ Gold are going to create (or try to) a private mafia out of the potentially ‘lucrative Gurdjieff work’ monopoly. Occult hypnosis and mind control can create a dangerous new form of slavery and it needs to be stopped.

We need to fight back with a clear set of procedures for seekers to follow, with a guide in Osho who openly declared he had no guru. What about his disciples? As outsiders we can protest that we will not honor the ‘discipleship’ status of any Osho sannyasins. The category is so easily generalized that it is suspicious it hasn’t been done already….
To be continued…

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